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Inspiring Stewardship

It takes special effort to teach children about stewardship as a Christian practice and responsibility. We instruct children to take care of their toys and clothes. We share ways to care for the earth through recycling and protection of endangered…

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Excel Still More

The word, “excel”, means to be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject.  It suggests the concept of going beyond a limit or standard. To excel is to be preeminent, to be or perform at a level…

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When my children were growing up, one of their favorite movies was High School Musical. In this movie, a group of athletes and science club members join together to win the science competition, the basketball game, and tryout for the…

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The Investment Rollercoaster

For investors, financial markets will always be a mix of opportunities, challenges, and uncertainty. However, in good times and bad, we are instructed as believers to be faithful stewards of the treasures and resources God has provided. The market will…